Order Year of the Bat Resources  
The campaign offers a series of different promotional material which can be ordered here free of charge. When ordering please specify the language and quantities you would like. Also please make sure to order soon enough if you need the material to arrive in time before a certain date. Contact us for your request at yearofthebat@cms.int. 
Logo Sticker 
(French only) 
These Year of the Bat Materials are available in different languages: 
Flyer: Chinese (Traditional & Simplified)  
Logo Sticker: French 
Brochure: English, German, French, Spanish 
Poster (double-sided): English/Spanish, English/French, English/German 
Download the Year of the Bat Logo or Flyer 
The Year of the Bat Logo is available to download in JPG format in the following languages: 
(For different formats please contact us at: yearofthebat@cms.int) 
The Year of the Bat Flyer is available to download in low resolution PDF files in all available languages:  
(For high resolution files please contact us at: yearofthebat@cms.int) 
(electronic copy only) 
Click on the image to see an enlarged preview, click on the language name to download the file. 
Please note that the downloaded Year of the Bat logo and flyer, as well as all printed resources should be used solely to promote Year of the Bat events and activities or for educational purposes. They are to be distributed free of charge. If you have any questions about usage please contact us at yearofthebat@cms.int
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